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New Boat Construction Survey

The investment in newly constructed vessel is generally in the hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. For most of these vessels, they are not surveyed until they are sold or old enough for the insurance company to require one. From our experience, many problems with older vessels could have been corrected at the time of construction. For example: A void in the deck or poorly bedded rail can lead to delamination of the deck down the line if it is not corrected at an early enough stage. It is generally much easier to deal with a problem on a vessel before the buyer takes ownership rather than in the warrantee period, or worse, out of warrantee.

Johnson Marine Services offers customized services depending on the scope of inspection you would like with a new vessel. We can inspect the vessel in the factory and at major steps (such as lay-up of the hull, bonding the deck to the hull), or perform a survey and inspection of the vessel and all its systems after construction is completed. All new construction services will be followed up with a detailed report of progress and any deficiencies noted. We can also discuss repair of any deficiencies with factory quality control personnel and ensure that the correct repair was done.