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Pre-Purchase Condition/Value Survey

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Pre-Purchase Condition/Value Survey

A condition and value survey is the most comprehensive type of survey and is strongly recommended for all prospective buyers. The surveyors inspect for compliance with ABYC, NFPA, and USCG requirements. The inspection is generally performed both in and out of the water and includes a sea-trial. All deficiencies noted are recorded and clearly explained in the written survey report. An appraisal of the vessel's fair market value in comparison to actual selling prices of comparable vessel's is also included. A Condition and Value can also be used for insurance and financing purposes. Johnson Marine Services survey reports are accepted by all insurance companies.

The following is a detailed description of the scope of inspection:

  • Sound testing of the hull and deck
  • Moisture testing of the hull, deck, and structure
  • Visual inspection of all accessible interior and exterior spaces
  • A visual inspection of the rigging (for sailing vessels)
  • Electrical system inspection, operation, and metered testing
  • Plumbing system inspection and operation
  • Visual inspection of all accessible fuel, water, and waste tanks
  • Comprehensive Sea Trial
  • Operational condition of the vessels engine, including a thermal scan (engine oil analysis optional)
  • Galvanic Corrosion testing with a corrosion test meter (optional)
  • Safety inspection including all Coast Guard, state, and federal required safety equipment