Established in 1981, Johnson Marine Services has been providing professional marine surveys to boat owners and prospective buyers for over 20 years in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York, and the Caribbean areas.

Our marine surveyors are Accredited Marine Surveyors (AMS®) with the Society of Marine Surveyors (SAMS®), as well as members of the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC). In addition to our professional services, both of our surveyors have extended offshore and coastal yachting experience.

We have both worked extensively on commercial and pleasure craft as well as maintaining our own boats. We specialize in performing pre-purchase, insurance, and damage marine surveys for pleasure and commercial power and sailing vessels. Our surveyors provide prompt professional service and generally complete the survey report within 48 hours of the survey. Whether you are purchasing, insuring, or safety inspecting a new or used vessel, Johnson Marine Services has professional, experienced marine surveyors to meet your needs.

Ken and Adrian Johnson

Capt. Ken Johnson, AMS bought his first boat when he was only 10 years of age and has logged in over 150,000 ocean miles since. He started his marine education while serving in the military as a harbor craft operator, then in shipyard management at Electric Boat for 18 years. He founded Johnson Marine services in 1981 as a marine consulting/surveying company serving the public and the military. With over 5,000 surveys under his belt he has the experience you can count on.

Adrian Johnson, AMS has been working commercially on boats for over 20 years. He has thousands of miles in local and transit experience, as well as owning and operating his classic wooden 44 foot sailing vessel and a fishing vessel, as well as several other boats. He has a BS degree in civil engineering, and has been a full time surveyor since 2001. He has performed thousands of surveys in his tested time as a surveyor, and has a vast knowledge of marine structure, composite design and construction, gasoline and diesel engines, and complex mechanical systems.